A warm welcome to my world of writing.

I'm Rachael Burnett. I adore writing and reading a range of genres, that's why my work encompasses diverse forms. Each text reflects a fondness for the fantastical, fairy tales and a discreet spirituality veiled beneath the prose. 

In 2024 I begun a PhD in English Literature, researching Surrealist writer & artist Ithell Colquhoun. I received a MA in English Literature (Pass with Distinction) from Bath Spa University in 2021. I earned a BA in English Literature (First-class Honours) from The Open University in 2020. 

I have several published works (children's fiction, short stories, articles and non-fiction):

A werewolf who wants to be human. A secret society killing without conscience. A prophecy foretelling the end of the werewolf world.

Clara Perry wants nothing more than to live with humans. Following the murder of here werewolf dad during the sacrificial feast of Lupercalia, Clara returns to her lycanthrope roots to uncover the killer. Clara links the slaughter to a map, an artefact hunt, a means to save her kind. The murderer also desires the the relics. Time is running out for Clara … Lupercalia is coming. 

How far would you go to find your father's killer? Would you alter into another species? To catch a predator, would you become one.

The expected release date of Lupercalia is tbc.

Imagine a world where gnomes are real. Where talking to a human means prison. And finding a treasure, and trying to take it home, means bullying from a gang of squirrels. 

Freedom for best gnome pals, Fred & Ted, means forming new friendships with the girl, Issy. 

Listening to others means problems are fixable. 

Glastonbury Gnomes is a 5-star rated (Amazon) story for children (6 to 9 years).

Sound created the universe. Music forges communities. Sacred Sound Therapy balances body, mind and spirit. This comprehensive book offers a step-by-step guide to a select range of world instruments. Rachael Burnett's extensive research is rooted in years of practice and teaching sound therapy.  Kindred Spirit & Positive Health magazines have published articles written by Rachael on sacred sound therapySecrets of Sacred Sound Therapy is a 5-star rated (Amazon) non-fiction book.
Icarus Again was published in the literary magazine Story Nook in 2022 and incorporates elements of magical realismGoblin Bazaar utilises a lyrical prose style and was inspired by Christina Rossetti's gothic poem Goblin Market. The Mudlark brings Henry Mayhew's 19th-century social observation of individuals subsisting below the margins into a contemporary seaside setting. Both Goblin Bazaar and The Mudlark were published by the Open University, Write Club, Summer 2024 magazine.


You can purchase copies of my published work via Amazon. 

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