When best gnome friends Fred and Ted discover a precious prize, their only wish is to take it home. The only problem is that trouble keeps piling on these Glastonbury gnomes. 

When Ted sets off to find some transport for their treasure, Fred realises that the creature he has come across is a girl named Issy (humans should not be able to see gnomes). Fred soon admits that he has broken the gnome law by speaking to the girl. 
No sooner has Issy departed than Fred is nabbed by a horrid gang of squirrels. Fred finds himself hanging from a tree and his prize is about to be pinched. 
When Issy returns and saves the gnome, Fred is still fretful because Ted arrives and also breaks the gnome law.  
When all seems to be beyond hope, will Issy find a way to save the gnomes from their fate? Will the gnomes finally get to take their treasure back home and perhaps also make a new friend in Issy?
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