Icarus Again

Ava's father is dying. In an uncontrollable world, Ava has one focus; to finish her wings. On the night of the funeral, Ava learns to fly in ways she never dreamed possible. The literary magazine, Story Nook, published Icarus Again in September 2022. 

Goblin Bazaar

On her way home from work, Christina is lured into an empty shop by a strange creature. Christina is offered a bargain; battle the Goblin warrior Abria or buy an orphaned baby. 

Inspired by Christina Rossetti's gothic poem Goblin Market, the narrative - with an emphasis on the bizarre - draws Christina herself into this hybrid story with a speculative edge. 

Goblin Bazaar was published by the Open University, Write Club, Summer 2024 magazine.

The Mudlark

Teenager Charlie has little choice but to support his dying mum by working as a mudlark, collecting debris on the beach six days a week. For Charlie, families live in seedy B&Bs and eat crappy take-out food. Benefits barely pay the bills and young people try to get by in the unjust gig economy. The Mudlark takes you into a world of social deprivation concealed behind the shiny exterior of seaside towns.
Inspired by Henry Mayhew's social observation of nineteenth-century life where individuals subsist below the margins, The Mudlark offers a contemporary take on the Victorian abyss of poverty, job insecurity and stolen youth. 

The Mudlark
 was published by the Open University, Write Club, Summer 2024 magazine.

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